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-treatment. one of the doctors quoted was dr. steve nissan, the head of cardiology at the cleveland clinic. so we gave him a call and asked him to be in our film. he agreed. it is through him we started to learn more about the cleveland clinic as a model for health care. and in speaking with them, we met dr. cho and yyvonne osborne was one of dr. cho's patients. >> here's more of that story. >> i have lost since last year 21 pounds. >> oh, my gosh. she had bypass surgery at an early age, 27 cardiac catheterizations and well over seven s. tents. thds an unbelievable amount of students -- stents and cardiac caths. i can't tell you how shocked we were when we saw her for the first time. here is a young lady whose diabetes was never well controlled, her cholesterol was never controlled. if someone had talked to her, i think many of her cardio catheterizations and stents would not have bb necessary. >> that is an extreme case, but so many people have stents that don't need them. in fact, 97% of stents aren't helpful or useful. >> why do they do it? >> because that's what they are taught to do. it is
's watch steve bird. >> one company has figured out how to lower health care costs by more than 40%. >> it's an idea that's received national attention. >> following the example of places like safeway. >> the safeway super market chain looked for a way to rein in spiraling premiums and hit on what seems to be a win-win solution. >> in 2005, we had a $1 billion health care bill rising at the rate of $100 million per year. >> these are the cost of all of our drugs in order. so diabetics. you can see how many. >> what we discovered was that 70% of health care costs were drive bin people's bavers. >> i was over 200 pounds. i had my pizza, my comics, dvds and that was my weekend. >> you realize one day, i haven't worked out, i haven't exercised and you get busy and it's the last thing that you're really concerned about. >> i was chronically coming down with colds and i knew that there was a history of cancer in my family, diabetes. heart disease. i was a walking dead man. >> i was a business guy. i thought if we could influence behavior of our 200,000 person workforce we could have a material e
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)